Why I Like To Watch My Girlfriend With Other Men

Why I Like To Watch My Girlfriend With Other Men

Are you one of those men who get excited just by the thought of watching their girlfriend having sex with other men? Do you have a deep desire of watching your girlfriend have sex with other men? Well, don’t look down upon yourself because you are not the only person who feels the same way. 

Some so many men are into cuckolding and want to see their girlfriend having sex with another man. Some men think that the reason why they are ready to be a cuckold is their habit of going to porn sites and watching videos on cuckolding. But, that is not the only reason. 

Behind your desire for cuckolding, there are so many psychological and physical reasons that you need to find out. Otherwise, you will keep cursing yourself for something you have no control over. Look, you should not blame only the porn industry. Here are some reasons why you and other men might be interested in watching their wives having sex with other men

Improving the Performance

Subliminally, you fantasize the reason why you might want to see your wife having sex with other men is you want to perform better in bed. You are trying to cheer yourself up by the thoughts of your wife is having a great time in bed with another man. 

You have seen men and women in porn videos doing this and in return, the male partner will achieve tremendous sexual abilities to make his wife happy in bed. Sperm competition can really help you to boost your sexual game and cuckolding thoughts will activate those thoughts about sperm competition in your head and because of it, you will automatically perform better in bed. 

Satisfying the Male Ego

You always think that you are the best sexual partner that your partner or wife could ever have. Now, even if she accidentally says that someone else was better, then your male ego will be shattered and you will want to make sure that you are satisfying your male ego somehow.

That is how sensitive the male ego is for men. Now, if your partner is not agreeing to this thought of cuckolding and telling you that you are enough for her, then that could be a cue that is triggering these thoughts about cuckolding. Now, you want to see her having sex with other men and tell you that you are better than those men. You should be in control of that male ego to make your life better. 

Humiliating Someone Is a Bad Thing

Look, you might be enraged by your girlfriend who has said something very bad about you. Or, you have found out that your wife is cheating on you and now you are very angry with her and want to settle the score. If that is why you want to be a cuckold then, it’s not a sexual fantasy, it is revenge. If you want to see your girlfriend in bed with another man, then that should only be because of a sexual fantasy that you have. 

You want your girlfriend to have fun with that man as well. However, when it’s revenge cuckolding, you will be humiliating your girlfriend by forcing her to have sex with another man and that is the worst thing that you can ever do to a girl. You might have seen pornstars in the industry doing this in videos but that is totally a wrong thing to do. 

The Excitement of Doing Something Taboo 

Society stops us from doing many things. But, the reason why people still do that is the excitement of doing things that are forbidden. It is ingrained in humans from the beginning. So, when you see Jessa Rhodes nude pictures and look at your partner and think that you also have a hot wife, you instantly get into a flurry of thoughts where you are bound to have thoughts about cuckolding as well. 

It is not like you don’t love your wife or you don’t think your wife is not good enough for you. You just want to see your wife as a slut wife for once and understand what it feels like to see her having sex with other men because society forbids you to do so. This excitement of doing something that is forbidden in society drags you more towards cuckolding. 

Final Thoughts

Finally, now know why you might be thinking about seeing your girlfriend having sex with other men. You are not the only man who is having such thoughts. But, the reality is, if you want to see your girlfriend in such a compromising way, then make sure that you and your girlfriend are on the same page.

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