Roxane Mesquida naked in Now Apocalypse, Season 1 Episode 1 (2019)

Roxane Mesquida naked in the sex scene from the new episode of the TV show “Now Apocalypse” Season 1 Episode 1 (2019).

Roxane Mesquida is a 37-year-old French-American model and actress. Her career in the USA began with participation in music videos and advertising roles. In 2010, Mesquida starred in the film “Kaboom” by Gregg Araki.

She starred in the fifth season of the series “Gossip Girl.” Mesquida also appeared in the New Zealand project “The Most Fun You Can Have Dying,” in the vampire horror film “Kiss of the Damned,” the crime comedy “Wrong Cops” and the Marilyn Manson’s video to the single “No Reflection.”

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