Nicole Marie Lenz Lesbian Sex Tape

The Internet was abuzz last week with the rumors of a lesbian sex tape featuring former Playboy playmate Nicole Marie Lenz and dog-toting socialite Paris Hilton.

The magazine notes that Britain’s News of the World reported that there was a video of Paris and the former Playboy Playmate romping together in Las Vegas at the Bellagio hotel in an X-rated video filmed three years ago complete with quotes

“It wasn’t long before we were naked and rolling around together,” Nicole reportedly told the newspaper in an interview.

No way says Nicole.

“I did not speak nor did I give any quotes to anyone involved with News of the World — or any other press for that matter — regarding the non-existent, so-called Nicole Lenz/Paris Hilton sex tape,” she fumed, adding that she was considering taking legal action if the story wasn’t retracted.

Nicole Marie Lenz Lesbian Sex Tape

American actress and fashion model Nicole Marie Lenz Lesbian Sex Tape Video Leaked

Nicole Marie Lenz (born January 24, 1980) is an American model, health advocate and film and television actress.

Nicole was born in 1980, in Cleveland, Ohio, to Laura Lenz, a secretary and Theodore Lenz, a contractor. She has a younger sister named Emilie. She’s of mixed Dutch, German, English, Swedish and Italian ancestry. Lenz was raised in the small town of North Royalton in Ohio. She attended North Royalton High School, where she was a gymnast and cheerleader. Lenz’s great grandfather was responsible for the architecture of the Terminal Tower, a landmark skyscraper located on Public Square in downtown Cleveland, Ohio.

She graduated from North Royalton High School in 1998. She has a bachelors degree in metaphysics from the University of Sedona and has been in mentorship for business and finance since 1997. Nicole is a certified Yoga instructor specializing in combination of metaphysics and Kundalini yoga as medicine. Lenz has one daughter named Leia Elizabeth who was born in 2009.

Lenz previously shared a Los Angeles home with hotel heiress Paris Hilton.

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